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Black Business Directory 2017
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We are pleased to inform you about the publication of "BLACK BUSINESS DIRECTORY"

The African industry continues to be characterized by high levels of growth and opportunity, and as the industry becomes more dynamic, the opportunities within it increase in equal amount, as do the challenges. In 2016. The trade and Business directory will provide an essential, in-depth coverage of the contemporary and future African industry and medium size businesses, highlighting specific areas of growth and opportunity. 

According to the United States Census Bureau, there are more than 2 million businesses in the country that are owned by African Americans. That statistic dispels a lot of rumors that African Americans are not successful in business. On the contrary, Black-owned businesses are a huge asset to the U.S. economy. But wait there’s more!

The highest ratio of Black-owned businesses is in Washington, DC where 28% percent of all businesses are owned by African Americans.

The second highest ratio of Black-owned businesses is in the state of Georgia, where 20% of ALL businesses there are Black-owned.

Although the ratio is only 10.6%, the state of New York actually has the most Black-owned firms at 204,093.

Of the 2 million Black businesses in the U.S., only about 107,000 of them have actual employees and they employ more than 920,000 people with a total annual payroll of about $23.9 billion.

Nearly 38% of Black businesses are in health care and social assistance, repair and maintenance, and personal and laundry services.

Other popular categories among Black businesses include advertising firms, auto dealerships, consulting services, restaurants, barbershops, beauty salons, and more.

The Directory will be an introduction of AFRICAN BUSINESSES in USA. It will serve as an authentic business document for many years to come. The Directory shall contain the following information

Write up on 20 leading nations giving historical and geographical background

Messages from the Ambassadors

Country profile



An advertisement from the embassy

The Directory will also have an online edition with links to other important web sites. The Directory will be widely circulated in USA and other countries and will be an outstanding source to connect with the listed businesses.

We are expecting a positive decision from your side to choose one of the advertising options that suits


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